Empire Axe Pro Review

Just released new for 2015 the Empire Axe Pro has been updated and one of the most popular paintball guns is continuing to go from strength to strength. The Axe offers amazing value for money for the quality of marker and can now be found to purchase for a price under $500. The new Pro is slightly more expensive but is worth paying the extra for if you can afford it.

This next generation marker is relatively the same internally while the exterior has undergone a redesign to address cosmetic issues that players had with the popular Empire Axe.

The original marker itself was excellent and still is an awesome choice but some players, myself included, felt that it just needed a little more consideration in look and hold. These niggles have been resolved with a redesigned milling on the body keeping it clean and understated making a good looking marker.


The housing for the battery has also been altered making the grip slightly wider resulting an even more comfortable handling of the gun.

While the trigger uses the same mechanism it has now received an increase in space between the foregrip and trigger guard. A subtle change that makes all the difference making fast actions like running and shooting a doddle.

It also now comes stocked with a Redline OLED board similar to the limited edition versions making switching modes and rate of fire quick and accessible while the battery life is easily viewed on this too. Having these viewable electronically on the reverse of the foregrip also means there is no need to remember color codes or manual references like on the old Empire Axe.

The Pro has many more discreet changes too.

The feedneck is new and the same as the Vanquish and Mini Resurrection so is an improvement in the older models. Empire have also added a 2 piece driver barrel which has been increased by 2 inches to a full 14 inch barrel and a reduced bore size of 0.688. Other sizes are also available to buy in 0.678, 0.683 and 0.693 bore.

While the back previously required hex tools to remove the bolt it’s now released with a push button system making it easily to remove and clean.

You can also upgrade your Empire marker »

Overall the Pro is an incredible effort. To improve what was already a fantastic marker is no mean feat. Even though it may be considered expensive by some it is still in the mid price bracket and offers a really great value for the quality of marker. It’s got a lot of the features and playability of guns double the price. I love the new foregrip as that was something I found lacking on my Axe and it fits my large hands perfectly.

If you paintball a lot and love to buy the latest equipment then this is a must have. I’m a junky and now own this as well as the original but if you were tight on budget or don’t play enough to justify the extra cost then the original Empire Axe is still a great option. The Pro hits the middle ground. A great upgrade and amazing piece of kit it appeals to the regular and experience players who aren’t looking to pay professional prices. Overall we recommend this as the best value for money paintball gun currently on offer.

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